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Beach Association News (posted 3-13-16)

From the Beach Association:  We have an awesome beach area to enjoy! Our beach has seen lots of improvements recently with new landscaping, the fence being painted, a new dock, and the parking lot being resurfaced, but unfortunately there have some problems the last couple of years.  The problems include the gate being broken into by cutting the chain and/or lock…so we got stronger ones.  People walked around the fence, so we made it longer.  Unfortunately, the result stayed the same, people that didn’t belong to our beach were still using our Beach.  Along with this has come vandalism, many of our very good tools have been stolen, a kayak was stolen, our flags have been destroyed, beer bottles and cans have been strewn around, as well as groups smoking marijuana.  Of course, none of us wants these things to continue to happen because our beach is a beautiful place to go and relax, have fun, and it is also a great re-sale value for our property.

Therefore, the Beach Committee has been looking at getting an electric gate for our entrance.  We have gotten different quotes for an electric gate with a card reader, and to make our fence go further into the property.  Each family will get a card for the card reader to enter the beach area.  We will also install a way for emergency or police vehicles to get in.  This will make our beach area more secure and for the use of the homeowners.  The other beach has had one for a few years now and it is working out great.  We are looking at a one-time assessment fee of $25.00 for this security gate.